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August 30, 2023

Holder of an Overseas Medical Radiation and Radiation Therapy qualification can apply for registration with the Medical Radiation Technologist Board. Australian qualified Sonographers and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologists will also need to apply as an overseas trained applicant.

Documents needed:

  • Certified copy of qualification certificates
  •  Two certificates of good character
  •  One passport style photograph
  •  Evidence of name change
  •  A criminal conviction notice that is no more than six months old each country you have lived and worked in for more than 12 months
  •  Official academic transcript
  •  Clinical log book
  •  Full course curriculum
  •  Thesis
  •  A letter from professional accreditation body confirming the accreditation / recognition of the program of the study you completed for registration or license to practice
  •  Clinical experience form
  •  Evidence of registration and certificate of good standing from each registration authority you are registered with overseas
  •  Certificate of employment from each employer you have had in the last five years
  •  Curriculum Vitae
  •  Evidence of meeting the English language required (IELTS Exams).

These documents are a legal requirement, and provision of them is non-negotiable.

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