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February 12, 2023


The upcoming changes in graduate visa rules in the UK are that Indian students who do not get a job within six months of graduating would need to leave the country.

The government is planning to limit foreign students’ intake only to top university admissions.
Indian students have been moving abroad, especially to the UK and the USA for further studies. This is a common Indian aspiration and this leads to large numbers migrating to these two countries. Not all of them secure admission to the top universities.

In fact, a majority take up admission to any college they get because they want a ticket to stay abroad and find their moorings. In such a situation, if the UK chooses to ban foreign students unless they are studying at top universities, it could upset the plans of thousands of aspiring Indian students.

The decision to ban foreign students except top university admissions is bound to hit the migration hopes of thousands of students in India. So for Indian students who were already planning to go to the Uk for higher studies, it is advisable to check out the list of universities where the ban is not applicable.

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